Optimism is how we get through some of the toughest times in our lives.

Learning to be optimistic through little discomforts help us build stamina and patience to get to the next step and learn that in time everything will be ok.

Optimism helps problem solving and working through miscommunications.

With optimism we learn to work with others that we never would have thought of working with before!

Discomforts build our stamina, our trust in ourselves and others.

Let’s change the sarcastic beliefs we have heard many times through positive experiences.

“You don’t have to do it all yourself for things to be done right.”

Let’s drop judgements and let new environments give you the chance to see people in a new ways.

An unlikely teammate may have a new perspective that makes an improvement to our day.

Someone you thought was unkind may have just been in pain.

Expecting best intentions will soften many pathways and open many doors.

In our program we intend to support our youth in being OPTIMISTIC. We give people a chance. We help build patience and stamina for the discomforts that can be physical or emotional. We support our youth in ways which will help them to feel safe and make connections to our local and global communities as they travel.

Thank you for supporting us.

BoStinYSL Steering Committee

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