New Season Starts Feb 1st


New Season Starts

Friday February 1, 3-6PM

We are back after a rejuvenating hibernation this winter and excited to engage with the land and all the Young Stewards out there.

Starting on February 1, 5th-8th graders enrolled in Young Stewards of the Land have this to look forward to:

Shelter making, animal tracking, plant foraging, basic wilderness first aid, fire making using no matches, herbal salve making, loving up the freebox, storytelling, primitive skills with Tamara Wilder and more.

University of San Francisco environmental studies students will be present to mentor the 5th-8th graders, which includescreating/leading games related to each day’s activities.  Ian McClaird and Meg Campbell, both trained and committed outdoor educators, will be assisting with the class from day one and will lead a number of the activities planned including fire making and wilderness first aid. Local experts like Eden Clearbrook and Richard Vaca will come and share their knowledge with us. And yes, there will be delicious snack to begin each Friday gathering.

If you are interested in joining the afterschool Young Stewards program please fill out this application:

or come to our first session on Friday, February 1 at 3PM where we will be tending to the native plants with Ben, working with Ian and Meg in the school garden, and firing up the cob oven for pizzas with Melinda.  The pizzas will be enjoyed at the school bonfire later that evening.  Games and icebreakers will be played throughout the afternoon.

I look forward to our stewarding adventures…

Melinda Stone


With the caring guidance of Lia Sabbatini, Veena Lucas, Meadow Evans and Chelsie Fontan-Walker

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