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Point Reyes Seashore Association

“Parks for Kids”

Check out Robbie’s video about bringing National parks to children who can’t reach them. Some our stewards we able to join him as he toured through Point Reyes National Seashore.

Point Reyes Light

“In Bolinas, helping kids become stewards of land and community…”

Our Mission…

The Young Stewards of the Land is an after school program that teaches students skills in self stewardship, land stewardship and community care. Local specialists offer expertise through hands-on, cooperative learning experiences in the West Marin outdoors, empowering students to care for themselves, one another, the land, and the community.

How it works…

The program includes layers of mentorship between USF students, middle school students, and elementary students with our Program Coordinators assisting the connections. Each week, participants meet up at the Bolinas campus and then walk to various locations around Bolinas, exploring along the way, and interacting with various community specialists who shine a light on different skills and wonders to be found at the intersection of the human being and the outdoor world.

How it began…

After a year of development through the Bolinas-Stinson School Site Council, this program came to life with the support of a partnership with Professor Melinda Stone and the University of San Francisco.

Our program officially began late August, 2018 and provided support to 5th-8th graders every Friday from 3pm-6pm in our Fall Series. We have since expanded our reach to include 4th-8th graders in our Winter / Spring Series 2019.

We provided partial and full scholarships to those in need. This was made possible through a grant from the West Marin Fund

We are grateful to our community for making the launch of the program possible for the 2018/2019 school year! Thank you to the West Marin Fund for your funding and Bolinas-Stinson School Foundation for being our fiscal sponsor. 

Who we are…

Meg Campbell is our Program Director with Will Hubert as Facilitator. Together they will coordinate with local community specialists and invest in 3 weeks of training with Mentors, to support our youth in the 9 weeks that follow.

The Steering Committee of school parents (Meadow Evans, Veena Lucas, Chelsie Fontan-Walker and Lia Sabbatini) support the program by donating their time through regular logistical and visioning meetings about the program, cooking up a delicious, weekly snack for the students, bi-lingual applications, registration, insurance, grant writing, sponsorship requests and many other forms of blood, sweat, and tears! 😉

Our Community…

Local partners include Star Route and Gospel Flat Farms, Commonweal Gardens (Natura) with Anna O’Malley, BPUD Land Stewards, and the Bolinas Land Trust as well as a wealth of local artists, artisans, naturalists, and primitive skills experts bridging community between local youth and local elders.


Activities have included and will continue to include learning about our local flora and fauna, farming, goat tending, fire skills, cooking with the Cobb oven, apple harvesting, outdoor survival and ancestral skills, making herbal 1st aid kits, orienteering, bird watching, animal tracking, shelter building, kayaking, water safety, Most importantly we are adding an hour of play based learning before coming together to focus on an activity. We aslo have a Fall mid-series campout, and end-of-the-year campout! More activities and developments are in the works for the program!

Thank you

Big thanks to our Pateron Patrons, the West Marin Fund, Bolinas-Stinson School Foundation, and the Marin County Community Service Fund for their support of our program!

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