Perks to Joining Stewards

  • Beyond…
    • building community
    • connecting with elders and mentors
    • supporting the local land
    • learning how humanity can work with nature and co-exist in better ways.
    • Being outdoors supporting your nervous system and calming the brain increasing clarity, focus and just plan making you smarter.
  • Some Awesome perks!!!
  • Don is offering extra credit to Students for joining Bo-Stin Young Stewards of the Land.
  • Skill building in Preparation for some of the backpacking adventures Bolinas and Point Reyes Summer Camps have to offer the older kids in our community.
  • 1st Day of Stewards

    We have a little break in the weather, come on down if your interested in the program. We are at the Bolinas campus working with Native plants with Ben and using the campus today to play games, share food and connect with the new group.

    Applications and Scholarships available today. Please pick one up in the library.


    Application packets are available in English and Spanish in the Bolinas Campus Office. You can also sign up that 1st day, Friday Feb 1st!

    Scholarship applications are included and will be awarded Wednesday Feb 6th.

    New Season Starts Feb 1st


    New Season Starts

    Friday February 1, 3-6PM

    We are back after a rejuvenating hibernation this winter and excited to engage with the land and all the Young Stewards out there.

    Starting on February 1, 5th-8th graders enrolled in Young Stewards of the Land have this to look forward to:

    Shelter making, animal tracking, plant foraging, basic wilderness first aid, fire making using no matches, herbal salve making, loving up the freebox, storytelling, primitive skills with Tamara Wilder and more.

    University of San Francisco environmental studies students will be present to mentor the 5th-8th graders, which includescreating/leading games related to each day’s activities.  Ian McClaird and Meg Campbell, both trained and committed outdoor educators, will be assisting with the class from day one and will lead a number of the activities planned including fire making and wilderness first aid. Local experts like Eden Clearbrook and Richard Vaca will come and share their knowledge with us. And yes, there will be delicious snack to begin each Friday gathering.

    If you are interested in joining the afterschool Young Stewards program please fill out this application:

    or come to our first session on Friday, February 1 at 3PM where we will be tending to the native plants with Ben, working with Ian and Meg in the school garden, and firing up the cob oven for pizzas with Melinda.  The pizzas will be enjoyed at the school bonfire later that evening.  Games and icebreakers will be played throughout the afternoon.

    I look forward to our stewarding adventures…

    Melinda Stone


    With the caring guidance of Lia Sabbatini, Veena Lucas, Meadow Evans and Chelsie Fontan-Walker


    Optimism is how we get through some of the toughest times in our lives.

    Learning to be optimistic through little discomforts help us build stamina and patience to get to the next step and learn that in time everything will be ok.

    Optimism helps problem solving and working through miscommunications.

    With optimism we learn to work with others that we never would have thought of working with before!

    Discomforts build our stamina, our trust in ourselves and others.

    Let’s change the sarcastic beliefs we have heard many times through positive experiences.

    “You don’t have to do it all yourself for things to be done right.”

    Let’s drop judgements and let new environments give you the chance to see people in a new ways.

    An unlikely teammate may have a new perspective that makes an improvement to our day.

    Someone you thought was unkind may have just been in pain.

    Expecting best intentions will soften many pathways and open many doors.

    In our program we intend to support our youth in being OPTIMISTIC. We give people a chance. We help build patience and stamina for the discomforts that can be physical or emotional. We support our youth in ways which will help them to feel safe and make connections to our local and global communities as they travel.

    Thank you for supporting us.

    BoStinYSL Steering Committee


    Sometime believing that we can make it is the extra energy it takes to…


    Go on

    Not give up

    See the shifts

    See the growth

    See what we can do

    See what other can do

    See how we can work with others

    Create a team

    Become a part of something

    Connect with your community

    Feel supported

    Give in ways other can’t

    Receive in ways, you never knew you could.

    Scholarships Available!!!

    We are grateful to be able to offer scholarships to our future young stewards through the grant we received from the West Marin Fund.

    We are also grateful to the Bolinas-Stinson Beach School Foundation for not only a grant but for being our fiscal sponsor.

    Thank you for your support in our new program.

    Families of future youth stewards please apply and ask for full or partial scholarships.

    Thank you,

    The YSL Steering Committee

    Let’s connect

    We are looking forward to our 1st Friday. We will be getting together to make a meal. An opportunity for our youth get to know each other in a new way, become a team and connect with our community.

    Let’s make pizza together with our lovely new cob oven at the Bo-Stin School Campus.

    We will be using local produce and recognizing slow food principles.

    How fortunate and easy it is for us to eat fresh, local and organic. How many places in the world do not have that luxury?!

    Let’s break bread, be grateful for the bounty and help the world protect small local farms.