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Local Grants

Marin County Community Service Fund 2019

West Marin Fund for 2018 & 2019

Bolinas Stinson School Foundation for 2018 (Scholarships)

Local Sponsors

Local Produce for our Farm to Table Snack Program

  • Petter Martinelli
  • Gospel Flat Farm

Seed Supporters

Thank you to Chelsie Fontan-Walker, Mechelle Cattel, Rebecca Braun, Jason Richardson & USF Professor Melinda Stone and USF Students and Mentors

Seeking Sponsors

Local West Marin & Marin Sponsors

Are you a local organization, business or family that would like to support our program?

We would love to speak or meet with you about our program.


Are you a California Based B-Corp that would love to support youth in gear or funds?

Your support helps youth and their families affiliate with good conscious companies and supportive business models.

Your support helps us share the long term successes that come from the important impacts of being mindful, local, and environmentally conscious.

Are you an Eco-Conscious Company made in the USA?

If this sounds like your company we would love to share your offerings with our youth, our community, the end of year events and through our growing online communities.

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